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Whether to enjoy more space for an aesthetic purpose or to get more space because of the small room size, knowing how to arrange your room for more space is a simple process if you learn essential tricks and clever ways to maximize it. I believe that having more space around is a matter of creating a calming and luxurious feeling. It is more about how it would make you breath out and feel before anything else.

In my previous blog posts, I have explained how people are more into embracing the taste for minimalism to equate living minimally with living more meaningfully. One essential element that can summon it all up is definitely space.

To learn how to smartly arrange your room to get more space, carefully follow the tips I am giving you, and find out the best ways to enhance your room space and, of course, the way it would make you feel.

The Wise Usage of Colors and Furniture Lining

Using a specific color pallet will always open up your room and gives it a wider and more spacious feel. Remember that the lighter the colors, the cleaner and the airier the room. So, if you have a big room and looking to feel better, or if you have a small room and want to get more space, make sure to go with a light and a monochromatic color pallet.

Now pay attention to the furniture pieces you have in your room. Start creating vertical lines in the sense that the desk, for example, lines up with the chest of drawers! You want your sight to travel around freely, and you can have that, even in a small space. Ensure the wise usage of the proportional scale of vertical lines for every piece in your room. This will emit the final fabulous look that will definitely satisfy your senses.

Merging Multiple Rooms and Minimizing Decor Usage

To arrange your room for more space is a thing that has more than a few options to consider. So, when considering the ideal choice, it is better to go for an open space option, which is particularly perfect for tiny houses. It doesn’t necessarily mean opening up rooms together, but it is more of sticking to the same color palette and style between connected rooms.

I have always loved the aesthetics of minimalist-style decor. My advice is to keep your decor style to a minimum for your eyes to perceive the sense of spaciousness you want. Try to keep some walls free of any decorative elements, so you give more value to the main furniture piece in your room. These must grant you a beautiful sense of space.

Ideal Vertical Space and Usage of Media Units

To make the best out of a small-sized room and add a touch of sophistication if you already have a big room, consider using one or two walls smartly. Think about how to make the best out of the vertical space the same way you are arranging the whole room. It is efficient and attractive when you deliberately make and decorate extra storage for your wall spaces. You can use wall shelves, plants, and beautiful wall decor to put things out of the way while still adding an aesthetic look that would balance beauty, convenience, and space.

A great idea to get more space is to mount a media console or a media unit on the wall. Think about how beautiful and convenient this would be for space-saving. You can enjoy creating great decorating ideas with different elements available in the market. Check what I could find on Amazon here and enjoy all the vast possibilities for you to check and choose.

Friendly Reminder

While arranging your room to get more space, it is essential to get rid of clutter all-around your house, for this will always free up the floor space and make the rooms appear classier and comfier. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This means if you click on the link & purchase the item,
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Still, subject research and all opinions remain my own.

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  1. Hey this was an amazing post!

    We have quite small rooms here and I would also love to make the room aesthetically pleasing. I feel like vertical designs and products definitely help enhance the room.

    Light colours also are a great option for painting the room, it gives the room an open view. I will be taking notes for the next time I need to redecorate.

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