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To express yourself at home by buying what matters means to bring coziness home, so you turn it into a comfortable space that can tell a lot about you.

For me, home means clarity and beautiful ends! Being an expat, living in many countries throughout my life, people asked me frequently which country I consider home. My heart could tell, but my heart’s answer wasn’t what I had uttered. It seems my home is where humanity is better manifested.

One has said that “The light is what guides you home, and the warmth is what keeps you there.”. Home is where we feel blessed, and able to express ourselves – our habits, beliefs, secrets, and memories – more safely than in all other spots there. Our home is a place that reflects who we are and how we want life to be, so it engulfs us as much as we embrace it.

It always starts with our home, which is part of the larger concept of what the word could mean. In that small spot, where you express yourself and choose to retreat, buying what matters, emit the way you see yourself and how you want others to see you. I moved homes, and I took all that spoke out myself with me. I have chosen a solid land of freedom and made myself a home here.

Buying What Matters At Home Tells a Lot About You

The home decor choices you make reveal a lot about yourself and your sense of self. You are enjoying the reflection you are creating by buying what matters to you, and what you buy shows some aspects of your personality. I have researched how all of it feels, and here are some exciting personality traits your home purchases can tell about you.

A Clear Sense of Self

To incorporate yourself into your decor means you have a clear and strong sense of self. Just like when you dress in a way that matches how you feel tells people a lot about you, what you display on your shelves reflects who you are and how you like others to perceive you.
People who incorporate part of their personalities in artifacts they display reflect, in fact, part of their clear sense of self to others out there.

Lots of Emotions and Nostalgia

Some people are in love with photo frames and family photos. They choose to capture memories and incorporate them into their space. So when you walk into someone’s place and notices they boast lots of family photos, you can tell that they are people with emotions and have a sense of nostalgia. It is an individual preference, and it reflects much of their need for bonding and a tendency for deeper human interaction.

A Romantic Idealist

Buying what matters norm for the romantic idealist is generous, so even when they are just renting, they make an extra effort to settle down and create the home sweet home feeling. They create a bond in any place they settle in, even if they are not yet ready to buy their own home. You can find objects that reflect love and lots of positivity. Candles, teddy bears, and romantic canvas are a few of many things that can tell the home tenant is a romantic idealist.

A Good Investor and A Frugal

Lots of people are not ready to waste money buying things they don’t see any value in having. For them, artistic accessories might be an extra that they believe they don’t need and consequently won’t pay toward it. If you ever stepped into someone’s place and found a rich-looking armchair with not many surrounding objects, know that you are in a frugal space that counts their money well. They would pay for their comfort and the only things they would use.

An Entertainer

To express yourself as an entertainer and a social being, you will organize your home in a way that would allow the getting-together feeling that encourages conversation. Social people who love to entertain are most welcoming and would reflect this in their organized face-to-face sofas and chairs that easily allow people to chat and interact. Also, finding things like lots of cocktail glasses, practical plates, and maybe, board games suggest that you are a person who likes to host.

My Home – Who Am I?

My home is so much my refuge. I am a minimalist who keeps no clutter stored anywhere, not at home and not within me. I like to catch up with my friends out at cafes or events and rarely at home.

I believe that I don’t allow my emotions to overshadow my dreams. So you won’t find diaries or many family photos in my space at home. I am a welcoming person only to an extent, I am more focused on goals, and my visions are mine alone.

I am an empathetic person, but my empathy and kindness are within my heart. You will feel it so much if you ever visit me at home, but my home is my space alone, and this space is sacred from others to invade anyway.

My space reflects who I am as I incorporate lots of my beliefs into my decor. I believe I reveal part of my clear sense of self to others.

How about you?

Would you like to look around your home and tell us who you are? I would love to hear your thoughts and what your home can tell us about you?

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  1. A home is a place of rest and comfort and it is vital to make it as habitable as possible. Anywhere you make a home can be home for you. Some home items we admire and tag as expensive may not be as expensive as we thought, it’s all about budgeting and prioritizing. No matter the amount of money spent to make the home cozy, it is worth it. Always bear in mind that the comfort of everyone matters for both young and old. Quite an interesting topic, I enjoyed reading through.

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