Every year the world enjoys the mother’s day and the happy mother’s day gift ideas to express the ultimate kind of love one can hold for a person whose love is unconditional. I would love to start by sharing my 24-year-old daughter’s note, written for me in an envelope as a surprise gift I’m not allowed to open before mother’s day, which we observe annually on March 21st in our original country. Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In United Kingdom and Ireland, it is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, while countries like the US and Canada celebrate it on May 8th.

I believe what Khalil Jibran said in his poem “And When My Joy Was Born” when he wrote that Joy grows pale and weary because no other heart but his could hold its loveliness. So I am sharing my joy virtually, maybe because those who don’t know us sometimes better see our sentiments beyond any prejudice. Don’t you think?!

She wrote: “Thank you for being such a wonderful mother and a wonderful friend. The bond we share is unique and very, very rare. I appreciate everything you have done for me and how hard you try to make sure I’m happy and comfortable at the best “home sweet home” feeling you always make sure to preserve. You are beautiful, smart, and kind, and yes, we all have our flaws, but that’s okay because that all make us who we are and make you the wonderful mama jeeda that I can see through and love for just being her. I can never repay you for all the sacrifices you have made to make me and my sister happy. I hope you like my gift idea from the “happy mother’s day gift ideas”; which represents an attempt to repay 0.0001% of all that you’ve given for me. Love you best mom ever.”

Vitruvi Ultrasonic Essential Aromatherapy

The Gift – Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Well, of course, I know what’s inside the big box because it was what I’ve implied I wanted from the happy mother’s day gift ideas. It is a ceramic ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for Aromatherapy, with a state-of-the-art cover made out of the highest quality porcelain. It is indeed a great source of relaxation and a beautiful piece of décor to contemplate. I believe I’ve got the Charcoal colored diffuser, which I love so much as it fits perfectly with everything I have in the sitting room and can portray and even add to how I want my home sweet home to feel and convey.

I am so excited to know I have it at last and cannot wait to start enjoying the aromatic healing properties it offers. Of course, essential oil therapy enhance physical and emotional health and promotes total health and wellbeing.

After a long search for the best aromatherapeutic oil diffusers among the most available, I can say with confidence, Vitruvi Stone diffuser is the best. Now that I know I will enjoy it soon, I cannot wait to try the different essential oil blends made by Vitruvi Corporation, the experts in creating top-notch oil blends that are 100% pure and vegan and free from sulfate, parabens, and phthalates.

Vitruvi Dusk, Calming Essential Oil Blend

Based on all reviews and, of course, my personal preferences, I loved the Vitruvi Dusk oil, which is a great warm and grounding herbal blend that I was eager to try. It contains 100% pure Eucalyptus and Lavender, among other oils, and these are my favorites. You can try another different blend, such as Ceremony, which is a blend of Clary Sage and Cedarwood. Or the Vitruvi Quiet, which is very floral and feminine because it contains a pure blend of Pure Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Geranium, and Amyris Oil.

The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is a fabulous gift amongst many other “happy mother’s day gift ideas” available on Amazon for celebrating and honoring the dearest person to our hearts, our Moms.

Home Sweet Home 2022

It begins with the mere fact of being a woman

Of course, Cathie Ryan said it all in her song, Home Sweet Home. “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”.

The greatness of a mother begins with the mere fact of being a woman, a female figure that is capable of giving and caring endlessly. Mom is a woman that would do everything to make sure her family lives in a home they would love to return to for more love and more warmth.

It is not necessarily a big or rich house because what she tries to instill is a spiritual kind of a sweet feeling she instills everywhere, so home becomes a haven for all.

Home sweet home 2022 is a place that honors mothers, the living, and the deceased because they are a symbol for the continuity of a life that is worthy of living. All the hurdles of the past and current year can be forgotten because there is a mother figure that has taught us how to love, how to give, and how to return home hopeful again.

Home sweet home 2022 is a bright and colorful place. Home sweet home 2022 wants to rise and is on good terms with diversity and peace. It is opposed to every war, and it knows by heart that love, just like the mother figure, is abundant, boundless, and is there for all.

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  1. Mother’s day is around the corner. And I would like to get prepared with my gift. Mom has always loved Aromatherapy. So, I feel that the perfect gift for her, this year is a ceramic ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for Aromatherapy. Thank you very much for your post. It has made me make up my mind and buy it!

  2. Mothers Day is celebrated around the world on different dates, and it is always a good day to do something special for our mums. My biggest treat as a mum is to be taken out for a meal so that I get a break from the kitchen and cleaning up. 

    My mum loves special candles, so this year I will treat her with a relaxing candle. 

  3. I love the description and the lovely poems that you have chosen for the special day on earth “Mother’s Day”.

    I adore your Vitruvi stone diffuser selection as a gift. More than that I will love to have the high quality essential free of phthalate, paraben and sulphate which is 100% pure and vegan from Vitruvi corporation. These are definitely very special gifts for a uniquely special occasion.

    Thank you for introducing these products which I just  knew from your post.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. The mission of my website is to share a beautiful journey with others in all home-related gadgets. There are lots of amazing things out there, and sharing is caring.

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