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Indoor air purifiers have been a subject of controversy multiple times, and the best indoor air purifiers have a reason to be called as such.

We are living in an industrial world that is taking large paces towards industrial and technological developments, and while humanity is taking advantage of all the scientific breakthroughs, they are paying a high price towards protecting the environment and sustaining an acceptable level of total wellbeing for both nature and health.

Today, business entities and all human beings have a responsibility to bear. They have become obliged to track carbon emissions and protect the environment with all possible means to ensure a promising future, capable of offering equal resources to all people with an accelerated population estimate. As part of an interrelated body of buildings, streets, cities, and countries, we represent a collective personality that must bear an obligation towards societies’ overall wellbeing. Being wise takes a starting point, and it’s always our health to begin with, and of course it’s our homes and the air we breathe.

Follows is our inclusive research about the subject matter, which was undertaken to clarify all that we should know about air purifiers and the criteria for the best indoor air purifiers.

Indoor air purifier

Technology Behind Air Purifying

The core purpose of indoor air purifiers is to enhance air quality, which is declining because of air pollution and indoor pollutants that, in essence, can induce or intensify lung and allergy-related diseases. Therefore, the best indoor air purifiers aim basically to sanitize the air that can include foreign particles that are toxic, unlike others who may believe that some pollutants can play a role in enhancing immunity, which is a wrong assumption. Some air particles are contaminated and need our special attention, specifically that we are spending more time indoors than ever before.

Research has shown that it is due to the new generation’s habit of using technology for an extended period that they spend 90% of their time indoors, and of course, not forgetting the global Covid-19 epidemic, which has changed all aspects of our lives.

Before explaining why we should consider air purifiers to be the reliable solution in getting rid of indoor pollutants, we should differentiate between two kinds of air cleaners; air purifiers, and air filters. Also, we should know the difference between those and the oil diffusers and humidifiers. While the first works by sucking the air inside the room and maintaining it, the latter works by adding particles to it, which is the exact opposite. Now, for purifiers versus filters, purifiers do retain an air that’s free from pollutants, allergens, and toxins while working on sanitizing it, filters on the other hand, only remove them.

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Air Quality and Indoor Air Purifiers


Deep cleaning, light exposure, room ventilation, and reducing the usage of indoor toxins are the first steps in maintaining a hygienic atmosphere at home.Air purifiers cleaning dust

Air purifiers cannot suck in particles that settle on soft surfaces such as furniture and carpeting, nor hard surfaces such as walls, and they cannot offer light or clean the house from dampness and mold. Therefore, air purifiers act as a complement to other strategies in achieving an atmosphere free from pollutants. With that being said, air purifiers’ primary function is to ensure a clean room atmosphere while capturing harmful air particles we are prone to inhaling due to air rotation and daily home activities.

In effect, and as we are responsible for reducing the source of air particles explained hereafter, air purifiers work basically to attain a better air quality by trapping and reducing the amount of four chef air particles that are bad for the overall health. These are:

Allergens: They are elements that can cause adversative immune reactions. These reactions can be in the form of skin allergies and asthma. Among these elements that we refer to as airborne allergens are pollen, hair, animal dander, specks of skin, and dust mites.

Smolder and Smoke:
These are all particles produced by burning and considered harmful for lungs and cardiovascular health because of the ease with which they pass into the body.
Smoke from cigarettes, frying, burning, and of course, smolder of ground fires is considered to be a threat to smoke-sensitive people such as the elderly, children, and asthmatics

The number one cause of mold indoors is dampness and humidity. Mold is a special kind of fungi that requires moisture to grow. If mold grows in your home, this can be very dangerous because when mold starts to grow, it feeds on the materials it is growing on, which will cause real damage. Also, mold releases tiny spores into the air which might cause irritation, respiratory problems, and many consequent illnesses.

Of course, indoor toxins are all sprouts and residues of biological and chemical elements we unknowingly emit by our continuous use of cleaning products and personal care products, among many others. When these particles live in the air, they can become harmful to our bodies and cause serious health issues.

How to Know Which Are The Best Indoor Air Purifiers

Choosing the best Indoor Air Purifiers can be up to some individualistic preferences, whether for reducing specific air particles to help with a health condition or enhancing the air quality, given the room size and coverage by space size.

Generally speaking, the best Indoor Air Purifiers you should be looking for are those going together with a filter. Filter helps reduce and even remove the amount of mold and the mentioned air particles rotating in the air because they are designed to trap these particles when air rides through them.

Also, an important criterion to consider when choosing an air purifier is to ensure that it is certified by a medical and/or environmentally recognized foundation because it indicates that it follows rigid quality and health protocols.

Our Advice

After thorough research of great air purifiers to consider, we came up with some good deals available on Amazon and many other online and onsite retailers. Again, you might have some individualistic criteria, such as size and price, but the following couple of choices have all of what air purifiers should be there to offer.

  • The highly-rated and bestseller HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier – H11 HEPA filter               
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  1. Thanks this a very interesting article and well-researched. It is a worry these days with the air quality becoming so polluted in many places. We spend so much time indoors and so I can certainly see the logic behind investing in an air purifier for the home. Both the HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier and AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier look like decent options. I wonder, does this kind of product need much maintenance – I assume they might need to be cleaned or have filters changed occasionally? Thanks, great article.

    • Experts advise that HEPA filters be replaced rather than cleaned. But it’s always up to each model and specifications. I would love it if you refer to each selected model and read their great specs, the recommendations, and of course, the thousands of great reviews.

      Thank you.  

  2. Maintaining breathable air in our homes is one of extraordinary concern but most people take it for granted. People today do not realize that there are products that they bring into their homes that can actually cause more pollution in the home than outside. Looking at the purifiers you had for us to view, I would go with the AirDoctor 4 in 1 purifier. It cleans more from the air than any other that I have seen.


    • Glad we can have a better idea on how these items function and to shed light on what’s more important. 

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