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It is sad yet funny to imagine ourselves trying to enjoy a moment of peace in a tidy house full of candles and music and then looking around to see our work piling up and witnessing mishappenings broadcasted on TV while the virus continues to change colors. What feels like a genuine home suddenly starts to sound like chaos.
That’s when you need to close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are still standing here with a space of your own! Ignore the chaos, for fear ruins joy, and heed our advice to discover your beautiful self in what feels like a genuine home.

Forming a habit is the brain’s way to be at its best

Cleanliness is The Key

It is not easy to feel good without a routine of deep home cleaning. What feels like a genuine home is a clean place before anything else. It might sound hard, I know! Just in the beginning, though. But the sincere effort is the small price we pay for continuous satisfaction. A clean surrounding is the pillar of everything good because nothing beats the smell of cleanliness, and you cannot start cleaning yourself, whether from outside or inside, without ensuring a clean and well-ventilated ambiance.

The secret is to form a habit! Deliberately thinking of the need to adopt a habit of deep cleaning, at least once every 10 days or so, is just the beginning. Think of a day within the week and dedicate yourself to the mission. Forming a habit is the brain’s way to react and be at its best. We must act in ways that serve us best rather than complaining due to our inability to exert the right amount of effort.

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Dedicating a Day to Discover Your Beautiful Self

Discover Your Beautiful Self

Identify and Love your Physical Self

Now take all the time to feel your beautiful side in what feels like a genuine home. There are many ways to follow to embrace self-love and adopt the habit of seeking a life full of wellness. But, we have to start somewhere, so choose a suitable day within a week and follow these 3 main rituals as part of adopting fulfilling new habits.

  1. Slow down and Meditate Remember that the goal of slowing down is to keep your working volume at a very sustainable level. Today you are going to enjoy some special moments and attend to yourself. Give yourself a couple of minutes to breathe deeply, allow yourself to refocus, relax, and just be. Try to slow down everything, your working rhythm, the way you eat, chew slowly and give yourself the chance to taste and enjoy what you are eating. Take some minutes to meditate and erase all thoughts of urgency. Today everything can be done slowly and even wait, for you have yourself to indulge and heal. Rest as much as you can for this particular day as your body needs your attention and love to rejuvenate beautifully. 
  2. Do the Mirror Work Now gracefully and mindfully move your body while looking at yourself in the mirror. Mirror gazing is a kind of meditation exercise that increases self-awareness and gets you to align with your own emotions. Today, while inspecting yourself in the mirror, look yourself eye to eye and observe the message in your eyes. Love what you see because you have lots of kindness and empathy, and you deserve this moment of joy more than anything. 
  3. Learn Gratitude Gratitude is a highly positive emotion that implies being thankful and appreciative. When you feel grateful for something or someone in your life, you respond with feelings of warmth and kindness. Having a daily habit of saying prayers of gratitude is an amazing way to elevate caring and self-love. So take a moment today and think of at least two things you are grateful for, smile and say thank you. 

Think about smells and memories that bring the most joy to your heart

Bring Elements of What You Love in a Place Into Your Home

It starts with thinking about smells and memories that bring the most joy to your heart. It must be a place you have visited or something related to a hobby that makes you feel at your best. Whatever that is, make sure to have elements of it in your own home.

Look around your place and ask yourself if you feel a glimpse of joy and where it is coming from. If not, then the next step is to create an environment you want to long for and love.

It could be a sensual feeling that you can enhance by artwork, candles, and flowers. It could be a morning french restaurant that brings you thoughts of your days when you were in love! It could be sports or music, it could be anything and any place, whatever that is, make sure you have a theme of it that you can always look at, relate to, and enjoy the most.

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You are beautiful and perfect and lovely however you are.




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  1. Great article.  Slowing down is the key….not just for our peace of mind and mental healthy, but for our physical health as well.  One thing I learned a long time ago and that is that each and every day you must do something for yourself.  You are just as important as anyone.  I love the idea of surrounding yourself in your home with what you love.  Well done!

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