At home idéaux, our goal is to provide you with an eye on what really matters in transforming your space into a real homey experience.

Hello there!

I’m Jeeda, founder of executive R Sarl and home idéaux, one of the best among home buying experience websites.

Lately, I’ve been inspecting Inn joys from both worlds; the Mediterranean, my original homeland, and the European, in which I reside and love. Here is a “Joy to the World” motto for all out there while buying what matters the most.
The following is a look at how I’ve added my writing skills and digital experience and came up with a buying solution for you to make the best out of your purchases decisions.

I have put the efforts of 7 years working Digital.

Seven years ago, I first learned about using data and diving deep to figure out the best way how to help my audience find what they truly want online.
I have put together the collaborative expertise of my great digital years and that of my colleges’ in helping ambitious businesses differentiate and become digital businesses. Along the way and as growing into what I reconcile at, I founded affiliation into buying what matters and came up with the best home buying experience you can have online.

I’m on a Mission to Offer The Best Home Buying Experience Online

At home idéaux, I will be making the mission of your home purchases feels very resourceful and easy. Through well-known International affiliations that I emit and register with, I will be providing you with an eye on what matters in transforming your space into a real homey experience. Just sit and relax, and a great flow of ideas and gadgets will be available for you to check, enjoy, and buy just what matters.

The Goal is to Help you Find Out Just that!

Ultimately my goal is to help you minimize all the efforts put into surfing the thousands of gadgets available online and know exactly where to look and find the best home buying experience ever.

To that avail, follow me on an amazing journey and keep track of all the blogs I write for you on “homeidéaux” to discover a world of great home gadgets and create the change you’ve always wanted.

Please feel free to contact me in all matters of finding the best home buying experience, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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